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Kaworu is aware of the feel of life, but he does not open his eyes because of it. He is aware of the familiar smells, antiseptic and and disinfectants. He is aware of his own breathing, which he keeps slow and low, in case this is a place that is not friendly to Tabris. (All places are friendly to Kaworu Nagisa. That was just the way things worked.)

He has a feeling he ought to be dead. He's unsure of why - if he tries to catch the memories, they flow through his fingers like sand, little hints and clues that could never be puzzled out in such a way. All Kaworu remembers last is the First being reported as alive again. Hah, maybe NERV was in the practice of killing off excess Childrens.

Well, you won't learn anything if you don't go back to the world, will you?

Honestly, why did they all need an incessant voice at the back of their head, telling them what it thinks they should do? But he expels his air normally now, opens his eyes. He has no idea what he will find, but at least Kaworu can take comfort in the fact that it will be interesting.

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Shinji doesn't know how long he'd been sitting (waiting) beside the hospital bed. Long enough to get tired. His elbows dig into the edge of the mattress, head turned away from the patient, staring at the black door. How long has it been like that? It's when his chin suddenly dips that Shinji jolts out of his half-dreams and sees the reality: The door is white, not black. With a silver handle that's not been broken off.

It's a quiet place, this room. Noise drowned into an indistinguishable murmur between white walls and faraway realities. It's not peaceful, just void. If he opens the door, will someone or something be there?

Kaworu sleeps.

Should that be strange? Somehow, but Shinji doesn't have the energy to wade through the muddy black space inside his head to seek an answer. It's so much more comfortable to wait. It could be that Shinji is waiting for nothing, but that's fine. He's alone, but Kaworu is also there. Even if he never wakes and Shinji doesn't hear or say a single word ever again, that's fine too. Because Shinji isn't really alone. Isn't he?

His chin slowly dips...

The door is black again.

Date: 2009-10-23 06:48 am (UTC)
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Someone's hand.

Shinji turns away from the not-black door, distracted by the alien pressure against his head. No one does that. It feels good, in a way, and Shinji can't help but subconsciously lean towards it. It's confusing enough that Shinji's dragged up from his dreaming, blinking away sleep and blurry images of charred doors.

It doesn't take a genius to realize whose hand it is on his hair.

Shinji swallows, suddenly a lot more awake. "Kaworu..."

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"No, I..." Shinji hesitantly pulls Kaworu's hand away and places it back on the bed.

He'd imagined what he'd say or do when Kaworu finally woke up. All of them optimistic and ideal, and of course, that fantasy quickly receded in the face of materialization.

For one, Kaworu wasn't supposed to wake up before him.

"Just a little tired... How are you feeling?" Why does he have to sound so awkward?

Date: 2009-10-25 04:32 am (UTC)
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Must still be disoriented, Shinji thinks.

He shakes his head after a second. And the words that come out of his mouth are natural, sitting together in perfect sequence. "Misato said it could have been worse... No one really told me anything. Rei's been hospitalized too..." Here, a tiny bit of guilt stabs him. "I should probably go see how she is later. But..." His father is probably already there.

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Shinji blinks, caught off-guard by the touch. "What? No... I just--" Making cunning excuses on the spot is definitely not one of his limited talents. "I just wanted to see you... how you were doing."

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That was before, but Kaworu has already moved on to another topic before Shinji can really think about it.

"Important ones?" He pauses. "I don't think anything is missing..." He glances towards the door. Should he go ask someone if anything was really wrong? (Oh, dramatic irony.)

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