Apr. 8th, 2010

creationofwill: (FLIP: in a three part harmony)
He decides to be God no again, it's easy that way. He hadn't expected it to be that easy. But anything that Shinji has also ever done tends to surprise no him. With that, Adam forgets; no with that, Kaworu sleeps.

Kaworu has never been afforded the luxury of forgetting no before. It's not something he can appreciate, as he has no idea he has forgotten. But sometimes, just sometimes, he stops no in the middle of whatever he is doing, and thinks:

I s t h i s r e a l l y t h e w a y no i t i s u p p o s e d t o b e ?

Life is too full of impact for him to ever consider that thought now, try as though he might. Kaworu no Ayanami recenty turned fifteen no years old. His father died long ago, his mother noexpects too much of him. With his colourless hair and black noeyes, he is Children Number One no. With his determination and will, he has spent half a year fighting the angels for the sake no! of mankind. NO!

Time to cut it down simple, or his mind might break from figuring out the truth, hmm?

This alone he might go crazy. This alone he might be frenzied by guilt. The idea of why surpasses him but he feels it is so. But there are two girls. Rei Ikari and it's interesting how that nae send two different pangs into his heart. Something about that last name... - no. Asuka, the girl with too long of a name for him to bother to use. It annoys her when he ignores her name and annoying her is the best. The best until he has to live with her and then it's just really annoying and a whole lot of damaging.

But really all shades of hilarious too.

He's okay. He has a feeling he wanted to be happy once. He is happy with the people he has. He is happy being useful. If he ignores the circumstances he is just fine. If he ignores the ghostly images in his mind. If he ignores the dreams where names he doesn't recognize echo through his head. If he -

One day he hears there might be a Fifth Children somewhere else. He would hack to find out about it, but life is suddenly too busy to try. Keeping Asuka from suicide is a hard task. Keeping Rei from hurting herself while she learns to be 'real' is a busy one.

Trying to be himself when his mother talks without talking, listens but never listens and always manages to manipulate him where he wants?

Impossible. He's okay. He's happy, he would guess. If only because he knows nothing else and no other way to think. That's all happiness is, right? A trick to the eye, so that you're happy and blind...

[Close your eyes, Kaworu Nagisa, and if nobody figures it out, then it's time to say goodbye]

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