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In the last three weeks, Shinji's tried to strangle Kaworu twenty-five times. Fifteen of these times, Kaworu instigated it first.

When they arrived back after the bar after Shinji's little experiment with reality, Kaworu had found that his room was very different. Structured almost like a dorm suite, even - a common room with multiple doors leading off of it. Clearly he wasn't afforded privacy any longer.

That was alright, he had grown accustomed to others in the night. When Yoite had haunted his room, somehow knowing that boy could be there, well... it helped him think others were safe. Then he was gone, and the number of times he's fucked with Akito's sleep schedule to get that sense back is growing to be ridiculous.

As Shinji was one of those he wanted to keep his Important People safe from, it was utterly ironic that the bar slotted him a room in there. Kaworu's room was the same, spartan and behind a door marked KAWORU/MIHARU. How interesting, that.

That was the only clue they had to future occupants. Of course, all other doors were marked. But except for the obvious bath-and-shower room, all they could read was SHINJI and INSTRUMENTAL. He hid far too often in the last one, but what could he say? He simply loved it.

All the other signs were completely indecipherable, for some strange reason. Ah well. Kaworu always loved a mystery. Five doors in total - they'd have to see how it developed, hm?

But in the meantime, they were acting completely dysfunctional upstairs. Because of the damage they were causing, both mental and physical, neither dared to go downstairs. Eventually, it would happen, either by force, accident, or the most unlikely... bravery.

They've been particularly vicious lately. Kaworu has not even had his medication in over a day. Shinji has some bandages areas that really ought to have been taken care of better, they are distinctly in the first signs of infection. He shows the affects of having been slammed against a wall more than a few times, while Kaworu's throat is dark and riddled from bruises.

And yet, they each was trusted and loved more than most to the other. How's that for a conundrum? Does it count as domestic abuse when you aren't even dating?

A query for another time, perhaps. Just save it... for another time

p l e a s e w o n t y o u s a v e u s c u r s e d b e i n g s f r o m o u r s e l v e s
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