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Kaworu's room is not too large, nor is it filled with very much. You could label it spartan, but it is more that he doesn't want to ask the bar for meaningless things.

Despite the small size, there is a teeny tiny hallway leading from the door to wall across from it, an a falsified door-frame into the rest of the room. There is carpet. Put against that wall is a desk. Shoes get left wherever, dirty clothes get left wherever. 'Folded and underneath the bed' is where the clean clothes go, because the closet is being used for his instruments.

He currently possessed six:

There is a keyboard leaning against the wall next to the closet. Curiously, there is no music stand or composition books. There is, however, many papers taped to the walls all around, with existing songs reproduced from memory on the pages. Beethoven's ninth symphony is missing the fourth movement.

The bed is a good bed, has four pillows with a sheet, blanket, then comforter. It gets cold on the moon, he is used to being prepared.

There is a small stack of books on the desk, turned so that the spines face the wall.

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